User Agreement

YYsell is a service provided by DaTu Technology (Guangzhou) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company). In order to facilitate your reasonable use of the Service, please be sure to read and fully understand the YYsell Terms of Use before using the Service (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) and some of the terms and conditions of the individual agreements of the services, in particular the waiver or Terms that limit liability and a separate agreement to register for or use a service. By starting to use any of the services offered by YYsell, you are deemed to have read and fully understand our Terms of Service. and fully agree to be bound by all of the above agreements. If you are under the age of 18, please read this Agreement with a legal guardian to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

1. Scope of the Agreement
The subject of this Agreement is the users of YYsell website or mobile application (users of services related to this website) and The YYsell website ( and affiliated websites, hereinafter referred to as this Website) and their related services may exist operating related units.

2. Content of the Agreement

2.1 Services under this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this Service” is a delivery and operation and maintenance platform for Internet applications provided by the Company, and its peripheral services.

2.2 The service methods of using YYsell are as follows:
2.2.1 Unless you expressly indicate otherwise, you are deemed to agree that this Service is only used by you, or by the business or organization you are working for.
2.2.2 You should use this Service in the manner provided or endorsed by this Website.
2.2.3 You may not use plug-ins, insert tools or third-party tools that are not authorized by our company to interfere, destroy, modify or otherwise exert influence on the Services under this Agreement.
2.2.4 Paid Services  If you use paid services, please comply with the relevant agreements.
2.2.5 Products or services provided by third parties  When you use products or services provided by third parties on this Website,  in addition to complying with this Agreement, you should also comply with the user agreement of the third party. This website and third parties are individually responsible for possible disputes within the scope of legal provisions and agreements.

3. User commitment and guarantee

In order to protect your legal rights and interests when using this Service, you agree to make the following commitments and guarantees:

3.1 If you register with YYsell and obtain a YYsell account, it means that you agree and guarantee:
3.1.1 The authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of the registration information are guaranteed:  The user information you fill in is true, accurate, complete, and timely, nd it guarantees that YYsell can contact you through the contact information you filled in, otherwise you cannot enjoy the services that YYsell provides to you or the services you enjoy are partially restricted. YYsell has the right to conduct a reasonable review of the materials you provide. If the materials, information or certificates you provide contain incorrect or untrue information, YYsell has the right to refuse to provide services to you or terminate the services provided to you at any time.
3.1.2 Exclusive guarantee for account use and registration: You are responsible for your account registered with YYsell. Only you can use your account and all address data in YYsell. The account is non-transferable, non-grantable, and non-inheritable, unless you provide YYsell with details and written authorization of the agent and the agent.
3.1.3 Restrictive instructions for account modification: Under normal circumstances, you can browse and modify the editable information you submitted at any time, but for security and identification considerations, you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided during registration . Therefore, please be sure to pay attention to the relevant prompts made by YYsell on the registration information.

3.2 Account confidentiality guarantee

You will be fully responsible for all operations and remarks using the account and password, and you have agreed to:
YYsell recognizes your instructions through your user name and password. YYsell solemnly reminds you to keep your user name and password properly, and you will be responsible for the losses caused by the password leakage. If you discover that someone has misused or misappropriated your account and password or any other situation that has not been legally authorized, you should immediately notify YYsell in an effective manner and request YYsell to suspend related services. At the same time, you understand that YYsell takes a reasonable period of time to take action on your request. Prior to this, YYsell shall not be liable for the instructions executed and the losses caused to you.

3.3 User behavior legality guarantee

3.3.1 You have guaranteed that the use of the YYsell website to provide services to comply with laws and regulations, and shall not use YYsell to engage in any violations of laws and regulations, including but not limited to: publishing, transmission, transmission, storage endangering national security and unity, undermining social stability, violating public order and good customs, insulting, defamation , Obscenity, violence, and any content that violates national laws and regulations; publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that infringes on the legal rights of others’ intellectual property rights, business secrets, etc.; maliciously fabricate facts, conceal the truth to mislead or deceive others; publish, transmit, and distribute Advertising information and spam; uploading, publishing, and reprinting pirated content, including but not limited to files, codes, videos, pictures, and other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.
3.3.2 You should ensure that all files, pictures, etc. uploaded on this Website have legal sources, otherwise YYsell will not be liable for all disputes arising therefrom. And if this causes YYsell to fall into litigation or other disputes, you should compensate YYsell for the corresponding losses.
3.3.3 If you violate the provisions of this article, the relevant national authority or agency may file a lawsuit, fine or take other sanctions against you, and ask YYsell for assistance. If damage is caused, you should compensate in accordance with the law, and YYsell does not assume any responsibility.
3.3.4 If YYsell discovers or receives a report that you have posted information that violates the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right to make independent judgments and take technical measures to delete, block or disconnect the link.At the same time, YYsell has the right to take measures including but not limited to suspending or terminating the service, restricting, freezing or terminating the use of accounts, and prosecuting legal liabilities, depending on the nature of the user's behavior.
3.3.5 If you violate this Agreement and cause any third-party damage, you should bear the responsibility independently; if YYsell suffers losses, you should also compensate.
3.3.6 If YYsell is involved in a political dispute due to your actions, you will be liable for the losses caused to YYsell.

3.4 Use of service rules

3.4.1 You understand and agree to YYsel l unilaterally modify the relevant rules of the service without your consent. The service rules should be based on the page prompt when you use the service. If you do not agree with the revised service rules, you can terminate the use of the services provided by YYsell in a timely manner, otherwise it will be deemed as your consent. Therefore, YYsell solemnly reminds you to always pay attention to any emails, information, etc. sent by this website to the contact information used during your registration, otherwise YYsell will not be liable for any loss caused to you due to the untimely update of information.
3.4.2 When you violate the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right to refuse to continue to provide you with any services.
3.4.3 You will acknowledge that some advertising messages appear in YYsell. You shall carefully judge the authenticity and reliability of the advertising information appearing in the YYsell service. Except as clearly stipulated by law, you shall be responsible for the transactions carried out in accordance with the advertising information.
3.4.4 In any case, you should not trust credit, ask for passwords or other network information related to property. If you are involved in property operations, please be sure to verify the identity of the other party, and always pay attention to YYsell's tips on preventing fraud.

4. The Company's commitment to users
4.1 Information confidentiality guarantee. Protecting users' personal information is a basic principle of YYsell. YYsell will collect, use, store and share your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and will use the existing various security technologies and procedures to establish a relatively complete management system to protect your personal information from unauthorized Access, use or disclose.

4.2 YYsell will do its best to provide services to you to ensure the continuity and security of the service; but YYsell cannot always anticipate and prevent legal, technical and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system instability, Service interruption, data loss, and other losses and risks that may be caused by defects in third-party services, government actions, and other reasons. When you encounter the above risks, YYsell will not be responsible for your losses.

4.3 YYsell will not transfer or disclose your personal information to any unrelated third party, unless:
Relevant laws and regulations or the requirements of courts and government agencies; transfer to complete the merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer; necessary to provide the services you request.

5. Statement of responsibility
5.1 Force Majeure Disclaimer  You fully understand and agree that YYsell's services are provided in accordance with the current status achievable by existing technologies and conditions.

5.2 YYseel obtains the right to deal with illegal content in accordance with this agreement. This right does not constitute YYsell’s obligation or commitment. YYsell cannot guarantee that violations are discovered in time or handled accordingly.

5.3 Since the registration information is provided by the user, YYsell will not make any guarantee for its authenticity, accuracy and completeness.

6. Intellectual Property Statement

6.1 The original content uploaded or created by the user belongs to the user, but YYsell has the right to display and use it for promotion.

6.2 Unless otherwise stated, the copyright, patent rights and other intellectual property rights of the software that YYsell relies on when providing this service are owned by YYsell.

6.3 The intellectual property rights of the above and any other content contained in this Service are protected by law. No one may disclose, use, allow others to use or create related derivative works in any form without the written permission of YYsell, the user or the relevant right holder.

7. Service change, interruption, termination

7.1 YYsell may change the content of the Service, and may also interrupt, suspend or terminate the Service.

7.2 You understand and agree that YYsell has the right to decide its own business strategy. In the event of a merger, division, acquisition, or asset transfer of YYsell, the Company may transfer related assets under this Service to a third party; YYsell may also transfer part or all of the services under this agreement to the third party for operation or performance after unilateral notification to you . The specific transferee subject to the company's notice.

7.3 YYsell reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the services provided to you without notice if any of the following situations occur:

7.3.1 You should submit real information according to the law, but the personal information you provide is not true, or is inconsistent with the information at the time of registration, and you cannot provide reasonable proof.
7.3.2 You violate the relevant laws and regulations or the agreement of this Agreement;
7.3.3 According to legal regulations or the requirements of the competent authority;
7.3.4 For security reasons or other necessary situations.

7.4 You are responsible for backing up the data stored in this Service yourself. If your service is terminated, YYsell can permanently delete your data from the server, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations. After the Service is terminated, YYsell has no obligation to return the data to you.

8. Jurisdiction and application of law

8.1 This agreement was signed in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, People's Republic of China. This agreement uses the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

8.2 If there is any dispute or dispute between you and YYsell, first you should settle it through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute or dispute to the jurisdiction of Guangzhou Tianhe District People's Court.

8.3 The headings of all the terms of this Agreement are for easy reading, and have no actual meaning, and cannot be used as the basis for the interpretation of the meaning of this Agreement.

8.4 The terms of this Agreement are partially invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, and the remaining terms are still valid and binding on both parties.

9. Other

If you have comments or suggestions on this Agreement or this Service, you can contact YYsell and we will give you the necessary assistance.